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Donald Peppers

Donald Peppers


Donald has been a licensed real estate agent for 17 years!

Donald moved to Dallas in the fall of 1998 and attended Collin County Community College in Plano to obtain his real estate license.  He started his career in real estate in the summer of 1999, by serving both in the single and multi-family property management industry.  Donald is an accomplished sales agent, and guides buyers and sellers through difficult sales transactions to make deals happen.  Some of Donald’s recent sales accomplishments include acting as the agent for both sides of a 17 property package deal, and coordinating with 4 owners and agents to help consummate a joint sale of a group of properties to a development firm.

Donald is an avid philanthropist, and inspires everyone he meets.  He lives by this motto: “Remember to help those that have less than you”.

Way to go Donald!


Phone: 214-704-6119